This repository is obsolete since v1.8.18, please use unpkg CDN instead. We keep these files and repository for compatibility reasons, so that websites that use SurveyJS Libraries can continue to work.

To get the latest version, you can use unpkg CDN as follows:{ npm-library-name }/{ file name }

To get a specific version, you should use it as:{ npm-library-name }@{ version }/{ file name }

For example:

Use a specific version as:

The main javascript file can be get as:

SurveyJS Angular:

SurveyJS jQuery:

SurveyJS Knockout:

SurveyJS React:

SurveyJS Vue:

Optional css (for non bootstrap version): Optional css (for modern theme):

SurveyJS Creator files:

SurveyJS Analytics files:

SurveyJS Export to Pdf files: